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In Greece, Rome, England, colonial America, France and Washington, a great deal of conversation is made on the subject of freedom. Freedom, apparently, is something that is very desirable. Indeed, freedom is seen to be the goal of a nation or a people. Similarly, if we are restoring ability to the individual we must restore freedom. If we do not restore freedom we cannot restore ability. The muscle-bound wrestler, the tense driver, the astronaut with a frozen reaction time alike are not able. Their ability lies in an increase of freedom, a release of tension, and a better communication to their environment.

The main trouble with freedom is it does not have an anatomy. Something that is free is free. It is not free with wires, vias, bypasses or dams, it is simply free. There is something else about freedom which is intensely interesting: it cannot be erased; it is something which is imperishable. You may be able to concentrate somebody’s attention on something that is not free and thus bring him into a state of belief that freedom does not exist, but this does not mean that you have erased the individual’s freedom. You have not. All the freedom he ever had is still there. Furthermore, freedom has no quantity, and by definition it has no location in space or time. Thus we see the awareness of awareness unit as potentially the freest thing there could be. (An awareness of awareness unit is the individual himself as a spiritual being.) Thus man’s concentration upon freedom.


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